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Sometimes it is good to track some information about your project (programming or not) - begining and end, workload, team size, etc. Since I was having some problems collectiong such information about my own projects I decided to make this post into a cheat sheet or a template for documenting project.

Project name

One sentence about the project.

Short decription... might come in handy when writing portfolio or to quickly remind you what the project was about. Might answer questions: Why it was started? What was the purpose (the idea was to...) and outcome (so far we menaged to...)? This part is mostly for you or someone who might be interested with your project.

...followed by longer description - well I think this part should grow on demand basis. It's rather more technical stuff like: how to install the app, build instructions and basically what's what in the project. You'll write this down either for yourself (if you don't want to forget how to deal with it in the future) or based on your're users demands.

Team: no magic here, just write how many people participated

Size: Total (and what you did)

Man-hours: how much time did you spend - this is mostly for you to help with future estimates

Technology: eg.: Java, jQuery, SQL, C++, etc. - write down the versions of the libraries for your information

Tools: eg.: Eclipse, Photoshop, Textmate, etc


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