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Ansi C application that draws 2d functions in 3d.

Project for ANSI C course. This application plots 2-variable functions in 3d. Uses simple OpenGL functions. It’s my personal favourite from this course yet it could use some work on UI.

Function syntax:

Available operators

  • addition: "+"
  • substraction: "-"
  • multiplication: "*"
  • division: "/"
  • exponentation: "^"

Build in functions:

  • sine: "S"
  • cosine: "C"
  • tangent: "T"
  • cotangent: "G"
  • exponantial function: "E"
  • square root: "Q" (for root of n-th degree use x^(1/n))

Only integers are accepted (for fractions use division operator). Functions can have maximum of two variables named "x" and "y". Application is case-sensitive.

Chart manipulation:

  • rotations with keys Z and X
  • view reset with key R

Have fun.



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