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3D shooter written in Ansi C using OpenGL libs.

The game is based on a simple engine introduced in the book “OpenGL® Game Programming” by K. Hawkins, D. Astle and A. LaMothe. As expected,  it’s based on OpenGL. If you would like to try writing your first game I really recommend reading this book and/or checking the site NeHe Productions

The starting screen covers basic controls. There are two different games actually. The first is about eliminating all enemies in a short time, but beware, they will kill you on sight. It’s rather hard not to get killed or make it on time so don’t get frustrated. The second is almost the same but you get to be immortal. Still killing them all in 2 minutes is not an easy task.

Have fun.

PS: Don’t use fullscreen, it’s not optimised for performance.



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